Samuel Rosa and the band Capital Inicial launch an unprecedented partnership

“Amor em vai” is already on the digital platforms, an unprecedented partnership between the band Capital Inicial and Samuel Rosa from Minas Gerais. Dinho Ouro Preto and Alvin L. signed the song, produced by Dudu Marote with string arrangement and orchestration by the respected maestro Arthur Verocai.

“I have great admiration for Samuel’s work, for his voice, for him as a composer and musician. He’s brilliant. I heard his voice over all these decades and wondered if we couldn’t do something together. And Verocai is an entity, an almost sacred thing”, says Dinho Ouro Preto.
The romantic ballad “Amor in vain” talks about delicacy in the relationship for two. “I am stone / I am glass breaking here while time passes / I am winter / I am the summer of all love in vain”, sing Dinho and Samuel. Lyric video is also available on the band’s YouTube channel.

“When I heard the song, I was even happier and more sure, because it concerns me. It belongs to a genre that I like, the guitar song, and Capital has that in its DNA”, says Samuel.

Check out “Love in Vain”:


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