New alliances surprise couples within the “Power Couple”

It’s change that doesn’t end anymore! Last week Habdalla and Eliza  and Brenda and Matheus formed a group that surprised the “ Power Couple ” audience . Shortly after the apology , the couples even played together in the formation of the last DR . However, it seems that the alliance is no longer the same. Therefore, new groups are being formed within the reality.

This Monday (04), it was the turn of “Prova dos Homens” to move the dynamics of reality. Even without being shown by PlayPlus , it is already possible to know that  Matheus and Hadad were the victors in the dispute.

With that, Brenda and Matheus ended the individual dynamics with the biggest balance of the week. Therefore, the couple had the chance to veto one of the pairs of the “Prova dos Casais” , which will be recorded on Tuesday (05) and shown to the public on Wednesday (06). The couple then decided to take  Eliza and Hadballa out  of contention.

The decision, however, caught the attention of the participants inside the house, including the vetoed couple. They, by the way, left the room of the power mansion angry and complained about the veto. “I’m not going to talk to Brenda and Matheus, no” , promised the former BBB. “Me neither, I have nothing to talk to them about, ” Eliza replied .

Eliza stresses about Brenda and Karol’s union on “Power Couple”

Soon after, the couple went to the bedroom to talk. They believe that Brenda and Matheus have decided to unite with  Karol and Mussunzinho . “Whatever is best for us, we will do. I just don’t want anyone wanting to chat, wanting to chat, I’m going to tell everyone to fuck off and take the c * ” , said Eliza .

.”I have nothing to talk about with anyone here. I do. Fucking fake*. Of fake people I’m already vaccinated in here. Alright, enough is enough. Falling into a scam is one thing. Now, fall into another? It does not give. To play games with falsehood I will not be able to. It’s not for me,” she finished.

Albert and Adriana analyze game within reality

However, they’re not the only ones who have had issues with  Brenda  and Karol ‘s union . Adriana and Albert  didn’t like the new partnership either. “Look, love… really, the game is the game. What I don’t like is this ball-licking ” , said the singer.


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