Senior Accountant Jobs In Oman 2024

Senior Accountant Jobs In Oman 2024

Full job description

Education & Experience:

  1. Master’s degree in Bookkeeping, Commerce, Back, or a related field.
  2. Must have at slightest four (4) a long time of encounter in F&B / Neighborliness Industry
  3. With a solid foundation in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  4. Encounter with bank compromise and gathering premise bookkeeping


1. Monitoring & Controlling Cost of Sales

Analyze proportion investigation for stock, buy, and taken a toll of deals.
Bolster trade benefit and development by distinguishing and prescribing taken a toll investigation. Administer, control and guarantee all buy passages into the framework are in compliance with approach.
Perform all other related obligations with checking and controlling taken a toll of deals.
Reports incorporate, but are not constrained to:
month to month LPO compromises, fortnightly and month to month supplier-age shrewd examination

Senior Accountant Jobs In Oman 2024
Senior Accountant Jobs In Oman 2024

Overall Functions to Improve Internal Efficiency

  1. Oversee and control backhanded costs.
  2. Lock in, control, and oversee the capacities of cost installments.
  3. Plan review plans for last accounts.
  4. Effectively lock in in month to month and annually closings.
  5. Make fundamental passages for paid ahead of time, unmerited, and gathering.
  6. Lock in and control the capacities of work costing and venture bookkeeping.
  7. Perform all other related obligations to progress inner productivity.
  8. Reports incorporate, but are not restricted to:
  9. month to month utility comparative examination, staff motivation report, and different examination reports upon request.

ERP Implementation

  • To attain fruitful execution of an ERP framework for Point of Deal (POS), Stock, Accounts, Human Assets (HR) and Finance, as well as Settled Resources
  • Effectively take part in upgrades and advancements of the ERP framework in agreement with the built up timeline.

Overall Budgetary Functions:

Administer and take part within the planning of cost budgets for different ranges such as Office Upkeep, Costs per outlet, Regulatory and Office Overheads, HR budgets and buy budget.
Dependable for performing other related obligations relating to by and large budgetary capacities.
Reports incorporate, but are not restricted to:
budget worksheets, Budget-Actual-Variance investigation, and streak reports

Overall Banking Functions:

  • Oversee bank installments and receipts, perform every day bank compromise and keep up precise record
  • keeping of all managing an account exchanges.
  • Communicate viably with bank authorities and guarantee the most noteworthy level of privacy for all managing an account figures
  • Meet day by day due dates for all keeping money related errands
  • Reports incorporate, but are not constrained to:
  • day by day bank compromise, cash stream, and forecasted influx and outpouring.

Supervising and Engaging in Receivable Functions:

Direct the compromise of accounts receivable, counting but not constrained to:
cash compromises, credit card compromises, and conveyance benefit suppliers account compromises
Take fitting activity for collection of obligations
Guarantee compliance with IFRS prerequisites
Create and actualize a cash review arrange
Arrange with nourishment benefit suppliers to decrease commission charges
Perform customary cash and credit card reviews
Create and execute procedures to diminish cancellations and varieties in cash and credit card exchanges
Create and actualize cash store frameworks and forms, counting time bond store plans and measures to avoid extortion and botches
Administer and lock in in all other related obligations of the accounts receivable work.
Reports incorporate, but are not restricted to:
fluctuation examination, plan, cash and credit card review reports

 General Duties

Effectively locks in and overseeing the compromise and plan planning for all accounts, counting but not constrained to:

Accounts payable and related party exchanges, lease accounts, utility and communications costs
Office upkeep and repair, printing and stationery, transport, and car fuel costs
Staff visa, nourishment, and welfare costs
All other roundabout costs not included within the over categories
Effectively locks in and administering the paid ahead of time card payment and compromise, counting but not restricted to:

Trivial cash administration
Cash exchanges, barring negligible cash

Job Type: Full-time


  • Master’s (Required)

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