Mel Maia delivers make-out with ex-BBB ten years older than her: ‘Yummy’

Mel Maia and a friend participated in a challenge on TikTok choosing the best and worst hooked ups and they were talked about! The detectives on duty ended up finding out with a magnifying glass that the actress stayed with ex-BBB Arthur Picoli recently, but it doesn’t stop there!

“Crossfit is up to date, right? I take it as a compliment, just like people praise the hair, the smile… I’m glad I praised my body. She’s also very hot and I’ve already told her that.”


Mel Maia elects Arthur Picoli, from BBB 21, the 'most delicious'

Mel Maia elects Arthur Picoli, from BBB 21, the ‘most delicious’

He took the opportunity to rip a little more silk:

“Mel is an amazing girl, mature, good people and she was super cool. I would roll again ( laughs ).”

Mel Maia — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Mel Maia — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The former BBB said that he has gotten used to the exposed private life and tries to take it easy:

“It wasn’t a secret. I just didn’t have any reason to tell anyone, you know? I don’t care if she told me. I had nothing to hide, we’re single and of legal age.”


“Two years after leaving the BBB, I already understood a lot and I have to accept that my life is public today and these things will happen. It wasn’t the first, nor will it be the last time. But it’s light gossip, not a thing that makes me sleepy, as it has happened before.”

Mel Maia — Photo: Lucas Teixeira/RT Photo/Disclosure

Mel Maia — Photo: Lucas Teixeira/RT Photo/Disclosure

Arthur counters the criticism and says he thinks it’s normal to be 10 years older than Mel:

“Mel is now a woman, she’s 18 years old. I’m a 28-year-old man, normal. One thing I’ve learned in these two years of fame is not to clash. We stayed. It’s true. When I was 18, I was with 28-year-old women. Just like when I was 20, I was 30. Do people want to put on the scale that 10 years of difference can’t? Wait! “


“We see a big weight in everything related to women. What is the role of people to judge? People don’t know the story. I don’t care about the opinion of others anymore.”

Arthur Picoli from BBB21 — Photo: Vinny Nunes/Disclosure

Arthur Picoli from BBB21 — Photo: Vinny Nunes/Disclosure

‘good gossip’


The former BBB got a scare with the repercussions, but is taking the story in stride:

“I was quite surprised. A friend sent me saying that I was in a trend, it was going viral and he was sure it was going to gossip. Then I said: ‘Cool. At least one positive thing, this kind of gossip is good’. “.

“My direct is full of old ignored messages that I’m just seeing the eyes, between one job and another today. I look at my cell phone and I’m laughing, having fun.”


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