Comedian Leo Lins makes a joke about a child with hydrocephalus in Ceará, and the video is criticized on social media

Comedian Leo Lins published a video last Wednesday (29), where he appears making an offensive joke about a child with hydrocephalus who would live in Ceará. The video provoked comments on social media, where several people criticized the comment, made during a presentation.

Hydrocephalus is a condition that happens when the amount of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) or CSF, as it is also known, increases in the skull. This abnormal increase in CSF volume dilates the ventricles and compresses the brain against the bones of the skull, causing a series of symptoms that need emergency treatment to prevent more serious damage, according to the Ministry of Health.

SBT, the broadcaster of which Leo Lins was a part, reported that he is no longer part of the vehicle’s staff. The station, however, did not comment on whether the fact was related to Leo Lins’ speech in the video. The g1 contacted the comedian’s press office, who informed that any position will be published on his official YouTube channel.

On social networks, pages that republished the video received critical comments to Leo Lins’ speech. “Total prejudice against the Northeast. He thinks we live in a drought! I hope he never goes through the pain of having a child with hydrocephalus”, said an internet user.

“Jokes have limits. In case he doesn’t know, he’s reinforcing xenophobia with this ‘joke’. Hydrocephalus is a pathological condition. Ridiculous”, commented another internet user.

The video was also rejected by the Association for Assistance to Children with Disabilities (AACD), a national reference entity in the cause. “The AACD vehemently repudiates the ‘joke’ made by Leo Lins in a video released on the comedian’s social networks”, said the note made by the entity.

“In an extremely unhappy and quite capableist speech, he attacks people with hydrocephalus, calls people with disabilities “children with various types of problems” and shows disrespect to the residents of Ceará”, added the AACD publication. See the full AACD note below .

The video is no longer on the comedian’s official Instagram profile. Leo Lins has a show scheduled in Fortaleza, scheduled for the 30th of July. On the official account, he even published messages to residents of several cities in Ceará, asking that information about the municipalities be sent.


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