Power Couple: Proof of Couples saves duo and puts Adryana, Albert, Brenda, Matheus, Eliza and Hadballa in the DR

Power Couple Brasil 6 continues to deliver entertainment and thretonium juice until the last vote, which had the revelation of the last Casal Power live, which by the way went from limbo straight to the Top 4 of the season, and of course there was a lot of bullshit .

Last Power Couple is revealed live

To guarantee the emotion and the audience, the direction of Power Couple Brasil 6 decided to reveal the winning duo of the Prova dos Casais in this Wednesday’s live program (6). In the dynamic, the couples needed to decorate a newlywed car with balloons, flags, cans, among other items.

To make everything even more difficult, the couples had to fulfill this mission in the heights, hanging from cranes. Come on heart! Lu and Hadad were the first to perform the test, Adryana and Albert followed, Brenda and Matheus were the third to play and Karol and Mussunzinho ended the dynamic.

The actor and his wife were the fastest, completing the race in just over a minute. With that, the couple guaranteed the benefits of the Power Room , R$ 20 thousand more in the account and, on the other hand, they got rid of falling into the DR due to the balance of the cycle, in which they were in last place.

See how the ranking of the last Test of Couples was:

  1. Karol and Mussunzinho
  2. Adriana and Albert
  3. Luana and Hadad
  4. Brenda and Matheus

voting and bullshit

After Adriane Galisteu announced the victory of Karol and Mussunzinho in the last Prova dos Casais , the actor and the blonde chose green and pink polka dots in the Hall of Powers . In green, the couple had to cancel the vote of another couple, who should cast a different vote, while in pink, the couple had to choose a couple who could vote again.

Karol and Mussunzinho chose the pink power, but before that the exchange of votes took place. Adriana and Albert started the round by voting for Mussum ‘s son and his wife. Luana and Hadad continued the voting by indicating Eliza and Hadballa , who then voted for Karol and Mussunzinho, who returned the vote and discussed once again with their rivals. The beef was so loud that the presenter called the break.

It was then up to the couple Brenda and Matheus to break the tie and the actor and his wife were the targets of the makeup artist and her partner. However, Karol and Mussunzinho used the pink power and asked Luana and Hadad to vote again. The couple kept the nomination in Eliza and Hadballa and the game was tied again, but as the actor and the parliamentary advisor are Casal Power , the former BBB and his wife ended up in the DR alongside Brenda and Matheus, who lost the Prova dos Casais , and Adryana and Albert , who fell into the spotlight for the lowest balance of the cycle.


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