Humberto Martins praises Jade Picon’s performance in ‘Travessia’: ‘She is good, she has talent’

And the debut as an actress of Jade Picon , in the soap opera “Travessia “, has been giving much to talk about. This time it was Humberto Martins who spoke out on the matter. He not only defended the hiring of the influencer and ex-BBB for the plot, but also praised the performance of the young woman, with whom he said he had worked previously. 🤩✨

“She’s good, smart, has talent, she’s a nice girl. She can! No one would make a choice [and cause] an embarrassing situation for the person, the company or the project. actor, who will live Jade’s father in the plot of Glória Perez, in an interview with the podcast “Papagaio Falante” this Tuesday, 5/7.


Jade Picon posts a photo with Humberto Martins behind the scenes of 'Travessia' — Photo: Instagram

Jade Picon posts a photo with Humberto Martins behind the scenes of ‘Travessia’ — Photo: Instagram

Humberto added that he sees no problem with ex-BBBs joining the artistic career, recalling that “in the past it was the commercial models that did this” and cited Victor Fasano and himself, who migrated from fashion essays to soap operas, as examples.

In the chat, the actor also recalled the two times he posed as he came into the world for the extinct magazine “Íntima & Personal” . “The fee was excellent. It was a fancy, fine thing. Of course, I wouldn’t do it if it was something base and pointless. So much so that I created the script for the photos. I wouldn’t take my clothes off for free. As I always get naked . on the sailboat when I travel …”, revealed the artist about the 1999 rehearsal. 🍑😏

He also clarified how the negotiation for a new essay went, which included an image of him totally naked, in 2000. ” Then there was the second edition, they wanted to make a photon, a frontal nude”, recalled Humberto , stressing that it was a request of the public . “Negotiations to and fro… It was in the ‘Brazil 500 years’ style, and I did ‘Uga Uga’, dressed as an Indian, wearing a loincloth… Then we decided to do it like this”.


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