Mel Maia ‘invades’ Arthur Picoli’s live and flirts with the ex-BBB after controversy

Mel Maia ‘invaded’ a live by Arthur Picoli on Instagram and flirted with the ex-BBB. The attitude of the actress happened after she made a trend with the boys she had been with and went viral. Understand:

Mel Maia was the subject of controversy this week. It all started when the actress, who recently turned 18 , trended on TikTok and revealed some names she’s been with . One of these names would be Arthur Picoli, 28 . The revelation brought some criticism to the actress, who had to defend herself on the web .

This Wednesday (06), Mel Maia returned to cause on social networks. The influencer entered as a spectator in a live performed by Arthur Picoli and played with the controversy.

Mel Maia 'invades'

In the TikTok trend, Mel had to classify, with adjectives, some guys she had already been with. Arthur would have been the “hottest” of them. In the live of the ex-BBB, the actress took advantage of the comment she had made about him.


Mel Maia was heavily criticized for having ten years difference between her and Arthur Picoli. Other netizens pointed out that the actress only stands out when she talks about flirting.

“For the talkers, unfortunately, my content is not macho. I work every day and post content from my recordings every day, I posted it on college, several cool content”, he began.

The actress highlighted that she remains a person committed to her work. “I just posted a trend that everyone is doing… then it becomes a topic and you think I live off it. Please don’t confuse me. I work and earn my own money, and I use TikTok for fun!” .


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