Released in 1990, Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Power placed an iconic character in the hall of villains in Akira Toriyama ‘s story . Turles , or Tullece in translation, was created in the mold of Goku , but standing out for being a cruel and ruthless opponent. With a new look, the character returned in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission .

In chapter three of the manga, the Tullece of an alternate timeline appears during the Space-Time Super Tournament , a parallel to the Tournament of Power present in Dragon Ball Super . The highlight for this saga is the gathering of characters from different timelines.

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This version of the villain teams up with Team-5 and his first opponent is Raditz , Goku ‘s brother , belonging to Team-10 . The battle between the two is so fast that it’s hard to notice Tullece’s new look.

Raditz and Tullece meet during the third chapter of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission.

Tullece shows her true power and defeats Raditz.

Similar to the “Evil Saiyan” form featured with the villain Cumber in Super Dragon Ball Heroes , Tullece appears with long hair and bangs like Gohan’s. The design had previously been explored in the same game, as an April Tweet from @DBSChronicles shows . See below:

However, if the game is just a way to explore the franchise’s canon without committing to the main events, now, Tullece shows that not only has it evolved into its form as “Evil Saiyan” , but it has also received a new look.

With so many characters that are a variation of Goku’s design , it’s curious to see the return of a villain who never appeared in the manga or anime. In the film in which he is the main antagonist, Tullece and a group of Saiyans plan to suck all life from planet Earth for the cultivation of the Tree of Power.

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