In Greece, Maisa appears in a bathing suit by the pool and draws praise from celebrities

Maisa , presenter, recently caused a stir on the web by showing a photo gallery on the famous island of Mykonos , located in Greece . With natural hair, the young woman showed good shape and received praise from several celebrities.

“Enjoy Maisinha” , asked blogger Hugo Gloss . “Cat! I love this place so much ,” commented Jade Picon . “Little God ,” said Natalia Beauty , fired.

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“Yes, I’m at a Rare Beauty event. It is a launch of lipsticks and lipliners. She’s back here, but I’ve already met her. She talked to us, that was all. She sat there chatting with us, thanking us for coming, talking about the purpose of the brand, etc. I will never get tired of praising this woman. Selena, I love you forever ,” she commented.


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