Producer defends Bruna Marquezine, accused of being unsympathetic on the set of “Maldives”

Natália Klein , creator and producer of ” Maldives “, a new national series on Netflix, defended Bruna Marquezine after the actress was accused of being unsympathetic during the recordings of the series by journalist Valmir Moratelli, from VEJA magazine.

According to the text, published in the latest edition of the vehicle, Bruna would be treated as “the star of Hollywood”, for being in the cast of “Blue Beetle”, the new DC superhero movie: “I didn’t say ‘good morning’ nor ‘thank you’ and only left the dressing room to record, always with a closed face, because ugly is impossible”, wrote the journalist.

On Twitter, Klein, who also acted with Bruna in the episodes of the production, shared the publication and mocked the criticism of the actress: “Wow, super nose up when she took boxes of good chocolate to EVERYONE ON THE TEAM on the last day of filming. Horrible. When the chocolate ran out I was really offended,” she wrote.

Mother and daughter reunion

“Maldives” premiered on Netflix with a special nostalgia atmosphere for viewers of “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, from 2003, when Bruna Marquezine moved Brazil in the role of little Salete. That’s because Vanessa Gerbelli returns to live the mother of the actress on screen after almost two decades of starring in the new series by Natália Klein.

In an interview with Yahoo , the 48-year-old artist opened her heart about the return of the partnership with the eternal daughter of fiction. “When I did ‘Mulheres Apaixonadas’ with Bruna, I had a wonderful relationship with her. She was a child and already had a huge vocation, which was already touching just to have all that ”, recalled Gerbelli when saying that he was surprised to feel that this exchange continues because everything the public saw in the soap opera was true.

“We really like each other, have an affection and have something that goes beyond coexistence, words, it’s an energy”, reflected the actress. We are two days apart, she is Leo too, from August. I am from the 6th, she is from the 4th. We use the same perfume. Some inexplicable things”, he added.


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