Here as soon as the daughter becomes young, the father makes her his bride and then celebrates

The father makes his bride and then celebrates – the children in the world are brought up by their fathers. It has just been mentioned in this news article. Fathers become husbands to their daughters when they are young.

There are many types of customs and customs in the world that you can see and hear. Similar practices are taking place here. Many women’s lives have been devastated by misconduct.

The Mandi tribes of Bangladesh have a peculiar custom, which will amaze you. When the child is young, the father takes care of him and becomes her husband.

It’s a strange tradition, but it’s true. Men of the Mandi tribe marry young widows when they are young. Then their daughters will marry that person. When a man marries an underage widow in this community, his step-daughter becomes his wife. She calls him father from an early age.

Later he becomes her husband. This practice has been going on for centuries, not only today.

In order to engage in this malpractice, the father must be the stepmother. This is when widows marry another man. The man then marries the girl’s child from that woman’s first marriage.

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According to this logic, a younger husband provides long-term protection to both his wife and daughter.

The lives of many girls of the Mandi tribe have been ruined by this evil practice. They consider him a father since childhood. They are forced to accept him as their husband.


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