Viral Video: The girl started dancing there by giving fodder to the buffalo, only then the poor girl could not get up again like this. Watch the video

The girl started dancing there by giving fodder to the buffalo – In the viral video, it is seen that the girl is dancing while feeding the buffaloes. He danced, but a buffalo did not like it.

A funny video of a girl feeding a buffalo has rocked social media. The girl jumps with joy while giving the buffalo fodder. After the pet had taught him such a lesson, he could not get up again the very next moment. The funny video has been viewed millions of times by netizens.

In such a situation, the poor man can’t get up again.

In this picture, the girl is seen approaching the buffaloes with a bucket of fodder. Standing there, he put the bait in his voice and started dancing. It can be seen in the video that the girl performs the serpent dance, but a buffalo standing nearby does not like it. He hit the dancing girl so hard that she fell down and was unable to get up. This scene in the frame also shows a lot of laughter.


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