In the honeymoon, the bride got the groom done such work all night, watching the video, people said – no privacy left

During the honeymoon, the bride got the groom to do such work all night – interesting videos of weddings keep going viral on social media. Seeing whom we cannot live without smiling. Let’s see some such funny wedding videos that dominate social media.

In the age of social media, it doesn’t take long to go viral. Videos of weddings are especially popular. It’s common for the internet to cover the moment of a newlywed couple or friends flirting during a wedding.

In recent years, there have been many viral videos about marriage, which bring a smile on the face. Watch some videos related to the wedding here. Some couples sing funny songs for each other, some dance and some share the video of the wedding night.

Dipanshu Kabra recently shared a video of a couple’s jaimala on their social media account. The 30-second video shows the couple dancing to the song ‘Tum a koi pyara…’. Deepanshu wrote, ‘This couple is made for each other.’ People are smiling seeing this.

In another viral video, the fun of friends and siblings is seen in the wedding. They invent different ways to harass the bride and groom.

Something similar is seen in this video. This video has been put on Instagram named The House of Bride. In which friends come one by one to congratulate the couple sitting on the stage and keep one rupee each in their hands.

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After this, he touches the feet of the couple. During this, the bride cannot stop herself from laughing after seeing the actions of the groom’s friends. Sharing this video, it has been written, ‘Tag your friends who will do the same.’

During the honeymoon, the bride got the groom done heavy work

We sometimes get so used to getting likes and comments on social media that we do not miss to make our personal moments viral. Something similar is seen in this video going viral. The bride makes a video during her wedding night. The groom is taking the pin out of his hair.

Instead of focusing on the groom, she makes videos. The video also includes the text, ‘How did we spend our wedding night?’ Some people are liking this video and some people are also criticizing it. One wrote, ‘Crazy couple..nothing privacy..everything is online.’ One wrote, ‘Both are helping each other before having fun.’


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