Gloria Perez talks about the doc that portrays the death of Daniella Perez: ‘No room for fanciful versions’

Gloria Perez spoke about the documentary that portrays the death of her daughter, Daniella Perez, on the night of this Tuesday, 5/7. “I opened my file because the proposal was what I always expected: the disclosure of the case file. Without any kind of financial return, I want to make it very clear”, shared on Instagram theauthor of hitssuch as “O Clone” and ” Caminhos da Índias “.

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“I trust that this documentary leaves no more space for the fanciful versions that the murderers tried to get in the press , during the years that preceded the jury that convicted the two of them for doubly qualified murder”, concluded Gloria without citing Guilherme de Pádua and the former his wife, Paula Thomaz, found guilty of Daniella’s murder.


“Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez” is set to premiere in July on HBO Max.

remember the case


On December 28, 1992, Guilherme and his wife at the time, Paula, who was four months pregnant, killed 22-year-old actress and dancer Daniella Perez with scissors and daggers. The motivation for the crime would be linked to the fact that Guilherme had “lost space” in the soap opera of “De Corpo e Alma”, written by Glória, and Paula’s jealousy in relation to the actress.

The two separated while still in prison, where the former couple’s son was born in May 1993, with whom the former artist, and currently an evangelical pastor, has no contact . Guilherme was sentenced to 19 years in prison, but served only seven of them, being released in 1999. He married two more times after that: with fashion producer Paula Maia, from 2006 to 2014, and, since 2017, with stylist Juliana Lacerda.

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Daniella Perez at age 22 — Photo: Memória Globo

Daniella Perez at age 22 — Photo: Memória Globo

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