Revenge, settling of accounts, confessions and much more: Find out what the end of A Desalmada will be

As of this Monday, July 4th, A Desalmada will be the new SBT afternoon soap opera. Originally aired in Mexico throughout 2021, the plot, which is a remake of La Dama de Troya, was a great success on Televisa.

Actors Livia Brito and José Ron are in the main stardom of the plot, which also has names like Marlene Favela, Eduardo Santamarina, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Francisco Gattorno and among others.

The telenovela succeeds the track that is occupied by Amanhã é para Semper and has a total of 85 chapters. If the audience is pleased, SBT should show it in full. The outcome of the whole story can be seen in advance, in the summary that we have prepared below:

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Octavio’s Revenge

For those who think that Otávio (Eduardo Santamarina) would give up, will be completely wrong. He is not dead and the shot he received in the brutal confrontation between Fernanda (Livia Brito) and Rafael (José Ron) did not kill him. Otávio will stay hidden and will rise again. The villain will return with his amulet in hand and very thirsty for revenge to settle accounts with everyone who wanted his end.

Otávio is alive and thirsty for revenge (Photo: Disclosure)

Fernando on the brink of death

Shot, Fernanda is between life and death in Rafael’s arms. However, the boy has faith and lights a candle in the hope that his beloved can survive. Imagining the pain of losing her will be a great weight for Rafael, who can see Fernanda recovering and takes advantage of his survival to renew the vows of the relationship.

Carmelo declares himself to Leticia

For the first time, Carmelo (Alberto Estrella) will be between reason and emotion after receiving a difficult order. Otávio orders the foreman to kill Letícia (Marlene Favela). Carmelo is afraid of disobeying the order, but ends up reluctant to the point of giving up committing the murder. The humble man takes the opportunity to declare himself to Leticia in a touching scene. “Please forgive me if I offended you with my affection”, Carmelo will say.

Carmelo declares himself to Letícia in A Desalmada (Photo: Disclosure)

Fernanda confesses to crime

Confused by the misunderstandings, Fernanda ended up shooting her own lover while his back was turned. Rafael almost died from the shooting and finally she comes to him to confess the crime and explain that she did it because she believed he was ruining her life. “I was the one who shot you”, Fernanda will say, in tears.

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Caesar gives up Fernanda

A man of confidence and ready to protect Fernanda, César (Daniel Elbittar) ends up falling in love with his mistress. At the end of the novel, he realizes that Fernanda’s heart belongs to Rafael and decides not to stop the romance. In addition, he becomes a great supporter of Fernanda’s revenge against Otávio.

César, Fernanda and Rafael in the scene of A Desalmada (Photo: Disclosure)

Martina and Antonio stay behind bars

The evil of Martina (Azela Robinson) and Antonio (Francisco Gattorno) will not go unpunished. On the part of Antonio, he will be framed for the death of Pachita (Ana Martin). Martina, on the other hand, will be caught by the atrocities she used to support Otávio. Even in prison, there will be a final scene in which Martina is not the least bit sorry for what she did, especially when it comes to her hatred for Clara (Gaby Mellado).


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