With the premiere of Super Manhã, Encontro and Mais Você lead handily at Globo

The highlight of Globo ‘s schedule last Monday (4th) was the premiere of the channel’s Super Manhã, with the Meeting under the command of Patrícia Poeta and the departure of Mais Você by Ana Maria Braga for after 10:30 am. In the rating, the programs were leaders handily.

Airing from 9:31 am to 10:35 am, the Meeting won 7.2 average points, 7.9 peak points and 26% share (number of televisions connected), compared to 3.7 points for Record, 3.2 points for SBT, 0 .7 for Band and 0.2 for RedeTV!.

The premiere featured a live outburst by Patrícia Poeta. The communicator opened her heart and admitted that she acted naturally during the attraction, without the real exposure of her nervousness for the first show as a starter.

Mais Você fluctuated to an average of 7.1 points while it was on the air, from 10:35 am to 11:45 am, with another 7.6 peak points and 23% participation, against 3.1 points for SBT, 3.1 for Record, 1 .2 for Band and 0.4 for RedeTV!.

Amid rumors of an alleged friction between Ana Maria Braga and Louro Mané, the presenter openly talked to her new partner and ended the rumors.

Hours after the Meeting, Pantanal displays a historical chapter and pleases the public

At night, Globo aired Pantanal, marked by an important speech by José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) against homophobia. The sermon of the cattle king in the Pantanal region left the telenovela in an excellent position.

Between 9:25 pm and 10:31 pm, Pantanal scored an average of 30.5 points, 32.0 peak points and 45% of tuned sets, compared to 6.3 points for SBT, 3.5 for Record, 3.0 for Band and 0, 4 from RedeTV!.

Throughout the day, Globo placed Bom Dia SP (8.1), Bom Dia Brasil (8.0), SP1 (9.9), Globo Esporte SP (10.5), Jornal Hoje (11, 0), The Carnation and the Rose (14.3), Afternoon Session (10.8), The Favorite (14.5), Beyond the Illusion (19.1), SP2 (21.1), Face and Courage (21.2), Jornal Nacional (26.1), Tela Quente (16.5), Jornal da Globo (9.1), Conversa com Bial (5.9), the rerun of Cara e Coragem (4.7 ), Vai Que Cola (3.9) and Hora 1 (4.7).

The data are consolidated by Ibope in Greater São Paulo.


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