Funk Million Feat! Tati Quebra Barraco and Valesca Popozuda launch partnership and clip with reference to ‘Beijinho no shoulder’

Singers who marked funk in the 2000s, Valesca Popozuda and Tati Quebra Barraco decided to make a musical partnership for the first time. The song “Fazdireito” hits the platforms this Thursday, 7th, at 9 pm, and also has a name from contemporary trap funk, WC no Beat.

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“In 2022, recording for the first time with Valesca. All in the right time!”, highlighted Tati, who also praises WC.

In addition to the song, the trio prepared a clip of the track, with references to Valesca’s great success, “Beijinho no shoulder”, released in 2013. One of these references is the armchair used in the clip at the time. The video comes out on Friday, the 8th, at noon.

“The partnership is phenomenal. Tati brought joy and excitement. We both had a lot of crazy ideas and WC, which is even crazier, jumped right in”, completes Valesca.



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