Viral Video: The bride and groom clashed in the wedding function, users said – where do these people come from!

Viral Video:  The bride and groom clashed in the wedding function – On hearing the wedding ceremony, only the image of dancing, singing or a pleasant atmosphere will be formed in your mind. But what if the bride and groom start fighting each other in their own marriage? One such anecdote is going viral on social media.

Actually both of them were quarreling with each other over wearing garland earlier. Instead of solving the matter, the family members of both of them encourage the competition to continue by clapping. Both can be seen quite excited to garland each other first.

great debate broke out

The families of both raise them on their shoulders and garland them, but still their debate does not stop. Both are so lost in fights that they do not realize that their balance can also get disturbed. Within moments, their balance is disturbed and both of them fall from above. Users are also laughing a lot watching this whole scene and are enjoying this moment a lot.

The stage of marriage has become the battlefield!

Seeing this, a user said that this is a marriage or a battlefield. Another user said that he had never seen such a marriage before. Some people have even said who these people are, where do they come from. This video entertained many people a lot.


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