OH MY GOD ! In Maharashtra, police recovered 10 tola of gold of a woman from the possession of a rat

OH MY GOD ! Police in Maharashtra recover 10 tola of gold of a woman in possession of a rat – Earlier this month, a woman in Maharashtra lost 10 tola of gold in a bank. Few days back, he lost 10 tola of gold in a bank. Because of this, he sought the help of the police. Considering the seriousness of the matter, the police investigated the matter in a very filmy manner. The police have now recovered gold in a very interesting way, due to which the matter is being discussed all over the country.

Planibel was indebted to Sundari, who actually resides under Dindoshi police station. To repay the loan, he mortgaged the house to a gold bank. As soon as he left the house, he took gold and bread in his bag. During this, children playing on the road were mistakenly given a bag full of gold, mistaking it for bread.

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When I reached the bank, the bag was empty. After realizing that he had given a bag full of gold to the children and ran away, he lodged a complaint with the police station, following which they registered a crime and started investigation. Police traced the children with the help of CCTV and inquired about the bag. The kids told us that we threw the bag. According to CCTV, the rats had eaten bread and were carrying a bag full of gold in the gutter.

The police team chased the mouse, upon which they found a bag inside the drain, which contained all the ornaments of the woman. His gold was returned to him after completing the legal proceedings. After which the woman also heaved a sigh of relief.


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