URGENT HIRING IN CANADA 2022. If you’re looking to enter the workforce in Canada, there are many in-demand jobs for foreign nationals. In the coming years, the country will need an increased number of truck drivers. These professionals earn $44,836 per year. If you’re interested in getting into the truck driving industry, 2022 is the year to apply. Many employers are actively recruiting foreign nationals to fill these positions.


Manufacturing jobs will be at a record high by 2022

Canada’s manufacturing jobs are poised for a record-high growth, according to a report released by Statistics Canada. While the number of job openings remains at a high, a looming concern is wage inflation. Despite the concerns, the government predicts an improving labor market through the third quarter of 2021. In March, the S&P Global Canada Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index hit a record high of 58.9, a rise of 0.2 points from the pre-COVID February 2020 level of 56.6 percent. New orders jumped as well.

The number of job vacancies in manufacturing increased the most since the first quarter of 2020, although total labour demand was 10.8% lower than in the first quarter of that year. The number of vacancies peaked at 87,400 jobs, which was 4.400 higher than the previous record high of 86,900 in the fourth quarter of 2021 and 93.6% higher than in the first quarter of 2022. Food manufacturing saw the biggest increases, adding 81.8% of new positions in the sector. In a related report, fabricated metal product manufacturing saw a 115.7% increase in job openings, and fabricated metal product manufacturing added a further 6,100 jobs.


HR and talent acquisition jobs will be in high demand

HR professionals are needed in almost every industry. Some sectors have a greater need for these professionals than others. For instance, industries with a large workforce often need people with specific skills to manage the workforce. These positions often require experience with recruitment and selection, as well as management of HR departments and recruiters.

According to the report, Canada will see an increase in the number of jobs in HR and talent acquisition in the next four years. While many HR jobs will remain the same, demand is growing in certain areas. IT support specialists are in particular demand in Canada, as the use of software increases. Fluency in French and English is helpful for these professionals, but other languages are also desirable.

The top-paid HR jobs in Canada in 2022 are those in human resource management. Human resources managers lead human resources departments, and they manage a team of HR professionals. They are responsible for talent acquisition and recruitment, and they also oversee payroll and benefits. This role pays a median salary of $99,000, with the highest-paid HR managers earning more than $145,000 a year.

Construction sector facing a labor shortage

Canada’s construction industry is experiencing a major labor shortage. By 2022, the construction industry will require nearly 650,000 new workers. The demand for workers will be greater than the usual hiring rate. This shortage will be most acute in the years after the infrastructure bill is passed and construction spending starts to increase.

One way to address the labor shortage is to diversify the construction workforce. The construction industry is making efforts to recruit underrepresented groups, including Indigenous people and newcomers to Canada. In British Columbia, for example, there were 35,200 women working in the construction industry in 2021. One-third of them worked in on-site construction. This figure is still relatively small compared to the 188,200 tradespeople employed by the province.


Canada’s construction industry has faced a labor shortage before. The Great Recession of 2008 caused many workers to leave the industry and move into other industries. Many of these workers never returned to the construction industry. Another factor that contributed to the labor shortage is that the construction industry is aging. It competes for younger workers with other industries.

Health care sector facing a skills shortage

With rising vacancy rates, the health care sector is experiencing a skills shortage in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, vacancies in the health care sector rose nearly fourfold from the first quarter of 2012 to March 2022. This increase occurred in all provinces, with British Columbia recording the highest number of vacancies. While the shortage of healthcare workers is not a unique issue in Canada, it does make it harder for those seeking a job to secure one.

One way to address the shortage is by improving pay and benefits. There are a number of ways to improve health care pay and benefits. Incentives for nurses, doctors, and other health-related professionals can help alleviate the problem. There are also some government-funded initiatives to retrain current health-care workers. These initiatives can help increase quality and safety while reducing employment liability risk.

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