In Taiwan, the average salary for factory workers is more than 50,000 NTD per month. These workers are expected to work overtime to maximize productivity. If you are interested in a factory worker job in Taiwan, you can find out the details below. This article will discuss the minimum salary for factory workers in Taiwan, the minimum age to apply for the position, and the factors to consider when hiring a factory worker in Taiwan.


Average monthly salary

Taiwan factory workers make less than average wages in other countries and tend to work long hours, earning lower wages per hour. However, with the right work arrangements, they can make enough to live comfortably. The average monthly salary for a factory worker is around NT$108896. This amount will vary depending on the exchange rate and the differential for day-night working. Overtime is also paid at a higher rate than regular hours.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a Factory Worker in Taiwan is TWD 497,410 a year or TWD 239 per hour. The highest paid Taiwan workers earn between TWD 377,534 and TWD 578,985 a month. The compensation data used by ZipRecruiter are based on a combination of salary surveys conducted by ERI and third-party data sources.

Taiwan factory workers can earn between TWD 397,191 and TWD 513,361 per month, with a bonus of TWD 6,197. The average salary for a factory worker varies, depending on education and experience. A degree in a technical field or electronics will give you an edge.

Minimum legal age for applying for a factory worker position in Taiwan
If you’re looking to apply for a factory worker position in Taiwan, you’ll need to know what the minimum age is. This age will probably increase in the future, but at the moment, it is only 35 years old. However, you can apply if you have the right qualifications. The process to apply for a factory job in Taiwan will only take a few weeks. The salary offered to factory workers will depend on the company and the kind of duties performed.

There are many advantages to working as a factory worker in Taiwan. You can work on machinery, receive a good wage, and have a great working environment. There are age requirements and work requirements for factory jobs, but it is a good way to earn money while studying.

In Taiwan, the minimum wage is set to increase to TWD 25,250 per month by 2022. This is 5.21% higher than last year, and is a great step in combating wage stagnation in many sectors. While it is still a low salary, it is guaranteed by law and should allow workers to live a decent life.

Minimum wage

A factory worker job in Taiwan offers good working conditions and a decent salary. To qualify for the position, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree, be able to operate machinery, and be at least 35 years old. According to reports, this field will grow 50% by 2022. The shortage of skilled labor will probably keep companies afloat, but the price of consumer goods will also increase. Therefore, the minimum wage for factory worker jobs in Taiwan will most likely increase.


The new policy also raises the minimum wage for migrant domestic workers to NT$20,000 per month. However, this amount still falls short of the NT$25250 minimum wage for Taiwanese workers. The Executive Yuan of Taiwan intends to increase the proportion of foreign workers in manufacturers. However, some organizations oppose this policy because it violates international conventions and the value of the International Labour Organization.

The minimum age to apply for a factory worker job in Taiwan is currently 35 years old, though this age may increase in the future. In addition, applicants must be literate and accurate. The application process typically takes a week, after which the applicant will be notified of the result.

Factors to consider when hiring factory workers in Taiwan

Taiwan is an island nation in Asia that has a population of about 24 million. It’s connected to China by air and sea. Its capital city is Taipei. Its currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT) and its main exports include electronics, machinery, and petrochemicals. The country has a strict labor standards law that governs all labor-related policies. This law applies to virtually all industries in Taiwan.

Compared to other countries, wages for factory workers in Taiwan are relatively low. Many earn less than minimum wage and barely make enough to survive. Additionally, factory workers usually live in dormitories with up to eleven other people. This situation requires foreign workers to be aware of the local culture and learn how to get along with their new employer.

As a result, Taiwanese companies are constantly hiring for factory workers. If you have the skills and training to work in a factory, you’ll have an edge over your competitors. It helps if you have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, as a degree can help you land a job in Taiwan.

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