UFC 276: Volkanovski leaves ‘customer’ Holloway disfigured, wins third in trilogy and remains champion

Alexander Volkanovski dominates from start to finish every round, beats Max Holloway for the third time and remains UFC champion

Alexander Volkanovski remains undefeated in the UFC . This Saturday (2), at UFC 276, the fighter put the organization’s featherweight belt on the line and beat Max Holloway for the third time. Controlling the fight all the time, the Australian had no problems to come out with the victory and continue as champion of the category.

“Max Holloway is a beast. The intensity he brought was something I needed. You can love me or hate me, but no one can put me down. I told you I want to be in the Octagon as long as possible. I don’t want to be disrespectful.” , but I want to be as big as possible. I do want to be champion of two categories”, commented Volkanovski.

The combat

Owner of the belt and without any defeat in his trajectory in the UFC, Volkanovski found the rhythm of the fight in the first minutes and punished Holloway’s body during the first five minutes of the fight.

In the second round, Holloway sought to increase the rhythm of his punches and Volkanovski sought to reduce the speed of the fight. In this way, the champion made the opponent uncomfortable and returned to control the duel. In the final part, with the American’s face heavily punished by the encounter blows, Volkanovski ended up having more actions and punishing the opponent’s face.


History repeated itself in the third round. With Holloway looking more for the fight in the first few minutes, Volkanovski increased the distance a little and used his speed to attack the opponent. A little after the middle of the round, the UFC champion knew how to use the grapple fight to control the rhythm and started to make the time pass until the end of the five minutes.

In the fourth round, Holloway went all-or-nothing. Using a lot of kicks, the American managed to punish the Australian’s body in the first minutes. However, after this start, Volkanovski found himself in the Octagon and started working with the distance, increasing and decreasing the space between the fighters, to leave Max Holloway in difficulties and finish the round.

In the last round, Holloway tried to take the fight to the ground, to try the submission, but Volkanovski knew how to defend himself and made time pass all the time. Thus, without Max being able to change the history of the fight, it was just a matter of waiting for the horn to sound for Volkanovski to be declared the winner by unanimous decision.


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