IAS Athar Aamir Marriage: After Divorce With Tina Dabi Athar Aamir Will Marry Again, Know Who Will Be The Dulhania

IAS Athar Aamir Khan Engaged in Marriage With Dr. Mehreen Qazi: UPSC Officer and IAS Officer Athar Aamir Khan’s first husband will remarry. According to information released on social media, she is about to marry Dr. Mehreen Kazi.

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Athar Aamir Khan, the first husband of the UPSC topper and IAS CEO Tina Dabi, will remarry. According to information released on social media, she is about to marry Dr Mehreen Qazi. Amid all this, Athar also announced the wedding and shared a beautiful photo on Instagram. Sharing his photo with Mehreen, Athar wrote, #engagement.

Know who Dr. Mehreen Qazi is
Mehreen is a well-known physician and a native of Athar’s hometown of Kashmir. Drs. Mehreen Qazi currently works at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and at the New Delhi Research Center. She still works in the medical field and in the fashion industry. Promotes women-related brands. He has over two million followers on Instagram. He describes himself as a ‘dreamer’ and a ‘recipient’. Mehreen has a medical MD and has been in a relationship with Athar for some time now. Drs. Mehreen holds medical degrees from the UK and Germany. He describes himself as a well-behaved and confident doctor. It works for a handful of low-income people. Specialists in operating trauma patients. All inpatient and outpatient departments have been told to specialize in management.

The wedding took place in May and could make Nikah in October, according to
media reports, the two were engaged in May and could now get married in October. Commitment confirmed by Athar last night on Facebook and Instagram wall. Her fiancé Dr Mehreen Qazi also released the video and sealed the relationship.

Athar married Tina Dabi in 2018, they divorced in 2021
Athar and Tina Dabi took their love affair in marriage, breaking the wall between religions. He got married in 2018 with the permission of family members. In their second year of marriage, the relationship between the two was recognized and rumors began to circulate between the two on social media. However, the trollers also looked good and after a few days they were both no longer following each other on social media. A few days later, Tina and Athar had filed for divorce in court on November 2020. Tina Dabi and Athar Khan divorced in 2021. A family court in Jaipur granted a divorce application for the IAS couple. Tina Dabi is currently at IAS in Rajasthan.

Watch the amazing video of Athar and Mehreen here


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