Rakhi Sawant did dirty acts with boyfriend Adil Khan on the red carpet

Rakhi Sawant did dirty acts with boyfriend Adil Khan on the red carpet : The country knows Rakhi Sawant by the name of drama queen, but she does not know when, what, how she does it.

Rakhi Sawant and husband Hitesh made a lot of headlines due to their romantic relationship and fights in the Bigg Boss house. When Hitesh Sawant came out of the show, Rakhi Sawant made many allegations against him. Later they got divorced.

Rakhi Sawant announced a few days after her divorce that she is dating Adil Khan.
Rakhi Sawant, who is known as the drama queen across the country, does not even know when, what and how she does it.

Rakhi Sawant, who was seen with husband Hitesh in Bigg Boss, had made headlines by romancing and arguing in the house. Rakhi Sawant made a lot of noise against husband Hitesh as soon as he came out of the show and later they got divorced.

A few days after the divorce, Rakhi Sawant announced that she is in a relationship with Adil Khan.

When the camera person asked Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan to pose, the drama queen hid Adil Durrani in the hood of her dress. It was as if the two were kissing each other. After staying in this position for some time, Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan became normal.

In this video of Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan, fans are openly expressing their feelings for love.
The user commented, ‘Ye lo ji.. the frog came out of the well while it was raining.’ Another user said that he should be ashamed of doing such an act in front of the cameras. Rakhi Sawant has not got any big project after Bigg Boss.


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