Pakka Commercial day 1 collections The best in Gopichand’s career.. How much did it collect on the first day?

Sensible director Maruthi, macho hero Gopichand and beauty Rasheed Khanna’s combination of Pakka commercial film has exceeded expectations. Overcoming the mixed talk from the first game, it achieved huge collections on the first day. Good occupancy was recorded with the buzz and word of mouth created before the release. What is the first day collection of a pure commercial film made with fun and hilarious comedy ?

Comedy, with fun elements

When it comes to the story of a pure commercial film, it is made as a satirical entertainer on corruption in the legal system. Maruti in his own style has made the story run with comedy and fun elements. Gopichand’s different body language, attitude and look have become a special attraction of the movie. The stylish action scenes impressed the mass audience. It must be said that Rashi Khanna has given a new performance. Raashi Khanna and Saptagiri’s comedy track brought laughs.

On 900 screens worldwide

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The pre-release business has been huge as the expectations of the movie have increased due to the commercial teasers and trailers of the movie. It was released in 235 theaters in Naijam, 120 in Seeded and 270 theaters in Andhra. The movie was released in 250 screens overseas and 80 screens in other parts of Karnataka. It can be said that the release of this movie in 900 screens is a record which has never happened before in Gopichand’s career.

Record pre-release business

And when it comes to the pre-release of a fully commercial movie, 6 crores in Nizam area, 2.5 crores in seeded and 9 crores in Andhra. 17.50 crore business was done in Telugu states alone. 50 lakhs for the Karnataka theatrical rights and over 1 crore for the overseas rights. With that, the film did more than 19 crore business.

How much was collected on the first day?

There was a huge response on the first day as the interest of the audience increased in the combination of director Maruthi and Gopichand. Pakka Commercial film has registered a gross collection of 6.3 crore worldwide on its first day. With this range of collections, Pukka Commercial achieved the feat of being the highest grossing film in Gopichand’s career. According to trade sources, Pukka commercial is getting good response in the weekend.


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