In “Conversa com Bial”, Gloria Groove tells inspiration for “A Queda”

This Thursday (01), Pedro Bial will receive Gloria Groove at “ Conversation with Bial ”. During the interview, the drag queen will address several moments in her career, such as her friendship with Pabllo Vittar . In addition, she will tell the presenter about her inspiration to compose one of the hits of “Lady Leste” , the track “A Queda” .

On the show, Gloria Groove commented that her work with the media since she was a little girl was one of the factors that inspired her for the song. “Because I worked with the image from a very early age, I was precociously taken by this constant feeling that everything around you is waiting for a slip ” , she reported.

“I think that feeling came first from my impression as an audience. The first fall of fascination with something so strong, which is this collective hatred, the riot , almost led me to a reflection of ‘is this what everyone is waiting for? Is nothing going to be as pleasurable as the moment of vulnerability?’” she recalled.

Drag, however, decided to put in the music a vision of those who watch, where a “public fall” would be a media spectacle. “I went looking to talk about this fact from the outside, as someone who is looking at it and considering it all a real spectacle” , she said.

Finally, she explained that the circus was the first idea that came to her during the creation process for the single. “No wonder the soul of the song came from my desire to embody this ‘MC’ persona, the arena. That was the first image in the cradle of the creation of this song , ” she concluded.

Gloria Groove will perform at “Conversa com Bial”

In addition to the interview, the drag queen will also perform some songs from “Lady East”. On the program, the public will be able to see live performances of “ A Queda ”, “ Survivi ” and “ LSD ”.

The interview with the drag queen will air on “Conversa com Bial” this Friday (01), right after “Jornal da Globo” . The public can watch it on TV Globo or Globoplay , where the episode will also be available. In addition, the program’s chats are transformed into podcasts, available on all audio platforms.


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