Mukesh Ambani – Neeta Ambani’s love story

Dhirubhai Ambani has seen Neeta for the first time. He asks Nita to meet her eldest son, and he agrees. The two have since met.

Even though everyone knew about Ambani, Neeta did not know anything about Mukesh Ambani till then. But Mukesh Ambani knows everything about Nita.

After the two met, Neeta has tested the luxury life of Mukesh Ambani. For that, he has been taken by bus to various parts of Mumbai. Keeps dining at roadside shops.

Subsequent meetings have since increased the bond between the two. Mukesh Ambani asks if he can get married one day while driving, Neeta agrees without saying a word.

But only one condition can be put. After the marriage, Dhirubhai Ambani asked to be allowed to run the school. The couple got married in 1985 with Ambani’s consent.


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