Shocking Video! The coconut fell on the head of the woman sitting on the scooty

Coconut fell on the head of a woman sitting on a scooty – These days a video of a very shocking incident is becoming very viral on social media, after seeing which everyone is shocked. In the clip that went viral, a mother and daughter can be seen going somewhere on a scooty.

On the way, suddenly a big coconut fell on the head of the woman sitting in the back seat (coconut fell on the biker). Due to which the woman becomes unbalanced from the moving scooty and falls on the road. This strange incident happened in Malaysia, whose video is now becoming increasingly viral on different platforms of social media.

In the video going viral, you can see that a woman is driving a scooty. At the same time, he has made a woman sit in the back seat. But seeing what happens the next moment, you too will be in awe. Suddenly a big coconut falls on the head of the woman sitting in the back seat. Due to which the woman loses her balance and she falls straight on the road.

Check out the video here

The video of this strange incident in Malaysia has been shared by a user named u/EmesZek on the social discussion forum Reddit. The user wrote in the caption, Coconut fell directly on the head from the biker. Malaysian Minister Azrul Mahathir bin Aziz also shared the incident on social media.

Along with this, he has also appealed to remove the coconut trees along the highway to avoid such accidents. Now after watching this video people are giving their feedback.

Commenting on a user, wrote, “Coconut trees are constantly removed from the fruit in public areas in Hawaii, so that such accidents do not happen.” At the same time, another user says that this incident is really very shocking.

While commenting on another user wrote, there are many coconut trees in my village too, but after hearing about this incident, I am now scared. Overall, users are surprised to see this video.


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