Mister Sam and Lady Lu talk about careers and new projects on The Night of today

This Thursday (14),  Danilo Gentili welcomes Mister Sam and Lady Lu . They, who have been making music for decades and have put different generations to dance on the radio and TV, are well remembered for the song “Crazy, Loucura”, they say that it came from a joke in the studio, as Maestro Billy, former DJ of Caldeirão do Huck, I wanted a song with the catchphrase “Madness, Madness” and Mr. Sam already had the catchphrase of “beautiful, horny, handsome and hot” in his head. “They took these snippets and put together my music without my knowing it,” says Lady Lu. “Six months (to produce). It was a birth. Then I have to listen to her saying: ‘Oh, I don’t like this song'” , recalls Mister Sam. 

The singer reveals that she was against the song at first and explains: “he said: ‘you’re going to have to sing this song on television’, and I said: ‘I’m not going to’. I didn’t like the song” . Asked why the song was such a success, Lady Lu responds: “At that time, women were very sung. And women didn’t have that freedom to sing men, you know? I believe that ended up helping women’s empowerment. And it was kind of weird to tell a man he was “handsome, horny, handsome and hot. I think men were embarrassed at the time.”

Danilo asks where the artistic name of Mister Sam came from and he says: “in Argentina, I recorded, in 1966, with a group called “Sam e Dan”. My name is Santiago, so I like “Sam” with “n “, it gets very weak, I put it with “m””…. When I came to Brazil, here I started working at the label, releasing artists… I released the first two albums of “Os Trapalhões”. I made the “Copa Cabana” Raul Gil singing. But he was already singing. I’m guilty of the “Blue Canvas”. 

Figure skater, Lady Lu comments: “I started, in my adolescence, to do figure skating, I participated in championships, I participated in some shows, also, of Portuguesa. Then I broke my arm three times and, unfortunately, I had to leave. I got on television because of skating”. She, who hasn’t put her skates on her feet since that time, agrees to show her talent on stage. Lady Lu also talks about the release of the song “I need you now”, version of “Need You Now”, which she sings at the end of the interview.

Mister Sam, Lady Lu and Danilo Gentili pose together for a photo.

Mister Sam, Lady Lu and Danilo Gentili (Lourival Ribeiro/SBT)

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