Santos x Corinthians: fan who shot Cássio and four more are released after signing a term for ‘turmoil’

The Public Security Secretariat of the State of São Paulo reported, in the early afternoon of this Thursday (14), that five men were released after being arrested for invading the Vila Belmiro lawn in the confrontation on Wednesday night (13) , valid for the Copa do Brasil, between Santos and Corinthians. One of the suspects even attacked goalkeeper Cássio with a flying ball.

In the summary of the game, won by Santos by 1 to 0, an insufficient result for the classification of the home team, referee Jean Pierre Gonçalves reported that Peixe fans threw bombs on the lawn, cited the aggression against goalkeeper Cássio after the end of the game and reported that seven fans were arrested. According to information from the SSP, however, there were only five and all were released.

According to the organ, the fans are between 20 and 33 years old. All were sent to the judicial duty of the 6th Police Station for Repression of Sports Intolerance Crimes, where a Detailed Term for the promotion of the riot was registered. The perpetrators were then referred to the Special Criminal Court (JECRIM) and released.

According to the referee of the match, “one of these fans managed to attack the Corinthians athlete, Mr Cássio Ramos, number 12, with a kick in his leg and the intervention of the Military Police was necessary”. The referee adds that the Corinthians team had to leave the field in a hurry. Because of the invasions, bombs thrown and the aggression against Cássio, Santos can be punished by the STJD.

An idol of Santos fans, Neymar took to social media and spoke about the attacks in Vila Belmiro. “I’m saddened by Santos’ defeat, but what saddened me the most was seeing the attitude of this fan. In the heat of the moment, it’s where we take attitudes that make us regret and make us ashamed. I hope this serves as a lesson for all fans “, said.

A fan was immobilized after attacking the Corinthians goalkeeper — Photo: Fernanda Luz / AGIF

A fan was immobilized after attacking the Corinthians goalkeeper — Photo: Fernanda Luz / AGIF


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