Marina Ruy Barbosa posts alleged indirect after Bruno Gagliasso recalls scandal with José Loreto

Fans are pointing out an indirect from Marina Ruy Barbosa to Bruno Gagliasso after the actress made some loose and random comments on Twitter this Wednesday (6th).

“Eêê hypocrisy danadaaaaaa”, she wrote, who then liked a tweet that said: “Ihhhh.. whoever has a glass roof can’t throw stones”.

An internet user asked Marina to say more, but the redhead denied: “Kkkkkk I don’t. I don’t say anything. I live real life.”

Let’s do it by steps. Marina’s comments come just after Bruno said in his podcast “Quem pode, pod”, that the rumor of “Surubão de Noronha” was a story planted to disguise a scandal behind the scenes of the soap opera “O Sétimo Guardião”.

Bruno even asked whether or not who published the fake news speaks, but Giovanna Ewbank and Fe Paes Leme said “no!”.

For those who don’t remember, at the time, Marina – protagonist of the soap opera – came to be pointed out as the pivot of the separation of Débora Nascimento and José Loreto, who was opposite her in the plot, as well as Bruno Gagliasso.

At the time, Débora and several other actresses stopped following Marina on social networks, including Giovanna Ewbank, married to Bruno, which reinforced the rumors. Marina, at the time married to Alexandre Negrão, always denied that she had any involvement with Loreto.


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