After emotional chaos: Bachelorette candidate Max leaves the dating show voluntarily

Actually, everything started so well: Max Wilschrey got Sharon’s very first rose and spent the first single date with her. But the 26-year-old doesn’t find her sexually attractive – and after endless back-and-forth throws in the towel! In the fourth “Night of the Roses” he shares his decision with the Bachelorette: “I don’t think I’ll have the time here to really get to know you 100 percent.” And the Bachelorette? She’s even a bit relieved, as we show in the video above.

Sharon Battiste: ‘I’m not crying for him’

Sharon is not surprised by Max’s voluntary departure. She also believes it is the right decision. Because she had her own doubts, as she explains again in the RTL interview: “Of course I thought a lot about Max this week and also toyed with the idea of ​​not giving him a rose that night. So it was totally fine with me.”

And how does the 30-year-old think afterwards about his statements about her body? Some viewers were very shocked by Max’s choice of words. “I don’t want to fully protect him now. But that’s the way it is, you don’t always have a sexual attraction. And I didn’t have direct sexual appeal with 22 men either. But of course he chooses a few unfavorable words, ”says the Bachelorette in an interview.

But she’s not angry: “I feel good in my body and if he doesn’t like it, then he’s unlucky.” So there’s no reason for sadness: “I don’t cry for him.”

These Bachelorette contestants also have to say goodbye

After Max’s voluntary farewell, the bachelorette has to make a decision herself. Because two more men have to leave the dating show – and it hits Basti Corsten and Tim Jessen . In the interview for the fourth episode, Sharon explains her choice: “In my opinion, Basti never tried to talk to me. He was very friendly, but I didn’t know if he was really here because of me.” And with Tim, “it just wasn’t enough.”


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