Geisy Arruda opens the game about billing on an adult content site: “My breadwinner”

In addition to posting very sexy photos on Instagram, where she doesn’t earn anything from it, Geisy Arruda manages to profit a lot from her spicy clicks on OnlyFans, a subscription-based adult content platform.

“ I bet on this market first , people were very afraid. But I breathe a bitch. It’s my livelihood ”, said the famous, in conversation with Quem magazine.

Without revealing how much she earns on the site, the influencer explained: “ It’s extra good money and it helps a lot. It’s like posing nude every week, only now it’s virtual.”

Geisy Arruda, who in addition to OnlyFans is also part of the Brazilian platform Privacy, accumulates thousands of likes on both platforms.

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For those who don’t know, a month’s subscription to the celebrity’s profile on the international site costs U$30, around R$162. The monthly fee on the Brazilian portal costs R$89.90.

Geisy Arruda reveals behind the scenes of the production

Upon entering the model’s Instagram profile, it is possible to see various costumes and sensual paraphernalia. According to her, it’s all very well thought out.

“I’m going on the 25th of March, I buy all the decorations. You have to be creative. I make themed photos and videos. I take care of all the photos myself, I don’t leave it in anyone’s hands”, she assured.

Totally against the idea that it is easy to produce erotic content, the famous explained that she still has the help of her manager, who takes care of her filming and photos.

Geisy Arruda also spoke about what he thinks about having some of his records leaked on the web: “ It’s a piracy of a bastard, but there’s nothing to be done”.

“I started looking on the positive side: at least they’re promoting it, giving a spoiler of what’s there. Whoever sees it will look for it in the source. I think it’s a free promotion” , she snapped.


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