Fashion Faceoff: Pooja Hegde Vs Tessa Thompson: Who Flutters Your Heart In A Pink Ruffled Gown?

We have a fashion face and first person actor Pooja Hegde.

Pooja Hegde is an Indian actor who specializes in the South African film industry. He also made a name for himself in Bollywood. He is very popular in the South African film industry and has given some hot songs. However, that is not just about being known for his experimental style. She has remarkable fashion and casual clothing styles.

And to compete with actor Pooja Hegde we will have actress Tessa Thompson.

Tessa Thompson is an American actor and singer. He is one of the most hard-working and talented actors in the history of a number of films. Although she often enters the headlines with her unique and experimental style.

Fashion Faceoff,Pooja Hegde,Tessa Thompson

The Indian actress chooses a dreamy white dress with white feathers to pierce. She wore long matching earrings and clean ponytail hair in the middle to complete the look. We are amazed at her dream appearance.


While Tessa is wearing a long pink shoulder dress with her bright black lips and a clean haircut to brighten the look. Tessa looks like a lovely princess walking on the red carpet.

Fashion Faceoff,Pooja Hegde,Tessa Thompson

However, both actors were good in the end but if we choose one choice Pooja Hegde looks better wearing a tied dress.

Well, this was our opinion but who do you think is a more effective knit dress? Tell us in the comment section below


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