Farm Worker Jobs Hiring In Italy 2023/24

Farm Worker Jobs Hiring In Italy 2023/24

Italy is the most beautiful country in the world, with many amazing places to visit. Today, I’ll tell you about the jobs for farm workers and people who pick fruit in Italy in 2024. Because of the Decreto Flussi program from the Italian government, this job field is in high demand. 44,000 work permits will be given out for seasonal jobs like tourism, picking and packing fruit, and farming.

Through the Decreto Flussi program, seasonal workers from countries outside of the EU can come to Italy for nine months to work and enjoy their stay. EU citizens can work in Italy without a work pass. So, if you want to work as a farmer in Italy, you need to apply at the Italian Embassy or Consulate. More information is given below.


Farm laborers and fruit pickers find attractive chances in Italy, a country well-known for its beautiful scenery and rich agricultural history. Even in the middle of 2024, these professions are essential to maintaining the country’s thriving agriculture industry.

Job Opportunities in 2024

There is still a strong need for farm laborers in Italy as we move forward. Seasonal fluctuations, crop varieties, and economic situations are some of the factors that greatly impact the availability of these roles.

Details of Farm Worker/Fruit Picking Jobs in Italy 2024

  • Host Country: Italy
  • Job Type: Seasonal Job (Tourism, Fruit Picking, Vegetable, Farming)
  • Visa Type: Seasonal Work Visa
  • No of Visas for Non-EU: 44,000
Farm Worker Jobs Hiring In Italy 2023/24
Farm Worker Jobs Hiring In Italy 2023/24

Who can Apply

Non-EU countries are given a certain number of work visas each year. So, 82,705 work permits have been set aside for people from non-EU countries in 2023. 44,000 are set aside for jobs in Italy that are only open during the summer.

How to Find Seasonal Jobs in Italy

Find a job in Italy so you can apply for a Work Visa. This is the most important thing. Focus on this step, because getting a job offer is like getting the key to a door. In 2023, there are many ways to find a job as a farm worker or fruit picker in Italy.

SeasonWorkers: This website lists seasonal jobs in Italy, including fruit picking, farm work, and hospitality.

EURES Job Portal

The EU Commission made this site to help people find jobs in Europe. You’ll need to make a CV that EU companies will accept. Use the Europass CV format for 2023


Click on Job Search. Then choose “Italy” from the list on the side. It will list all the jobs in Italy that have been changed.

Benefits of farm worker/fruit picking jobs in Italy

  1. Scenic Work Environment: The stunning scenery of undulating hills, vineyards, and orchards makes working in the Italian countryside an idyllic and peaceful environment.
  2. Cultural Immersion: Farm workers get the chance to immerse themselves in the rich Italian culture, interacting with locals, participating in traditional events, and enjoying authentic cuisine.
  3. Rewarding Work: Working in the agricultural industry is intrinsically rewarding because it enables people to see the tangible fruits of their labor firsthand as crops grow and add to the country’s food production.
  4. Skill Development: Working on farms develops a wide range of abilities, from problem-solving and adaptability to practical agricultural knowledge, all of which can be useful in both personal and professional settings.
  5. Healthy Lifestyle: Farm labor is physically taxing, which supports a healthy lifestyle. Physical and mental well-being can be positively impacted by outdoor work and spending time in nature.
  6. Community Bonds: A strong sense of community is fostered by living in rural settings. Farm laborers frequently develop strong relationships with their neighbors, fostering a network of support that improves everything.
  7. Seasonal Opportunities: Many farm professions are seasonal, so people can explore new crops and places all year round for those who prefer a variety of experiences.
  8. Potential for Advancement: There are job growth opportunities in the agricultural sector. Through government initiatives, skill development programs, and training, agricultural workers can explore a variety of career possibilities within the business.
  9. Government Support: Italy ensures the well-being of those working on farms by recognizing the value of its agricultural workers and supporting them with programs, incentives, and healthcare systems.
  10. Sustainability Impact: Farm workers in Italy are vital to the adoption of environmentally friendly farming practices that improve the long-term health of the land and the global environment, as the world comes to value these practices more and more.

Common Types of Farm Jobs in Italy

  • Fruit and vegetable picking
  • Tending livestock
  • Farm maintenance

Duration of Stay

You can stay in Italy for a maximum of 9 months on a seasonal Work Visa.


  • You must have a job offer from an Italian company (non-EU).
  • You must have a current passport.
  • You must not have any crimes on your record.
  • You must have enough money to take care of yourself in Italy.
  • You have to apply before the cutoff.


In conclusion, careers as a farm worker or fruit picker in Italy provide a special opportunity for both professional development and cultural immersion in addition to employment. A rewarding job awaits aspirants who are prepared to take on challenges and enjoy the benefits of working in the abundant Italian countryside.

People Also Ask

  1. How much does a fruit picker earn in Italy?

    Starting at $18/hr.

  2. Which job is in demand in Italy?

    Companies in Italy are looking for skilled workers more and more. This includes people who have degrees in economics, statistics, law, and professional fields like medicine, biochemistry, and engineering.

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