Young WWE star shoots up

WWE youngster Theory’s lightning rise takes it to the next level as the ex-bodybuilder, portrayed as the pupil of league mogul Vince McMahon, is the new “Mr. Money in the Bank” – and is now targeting megastar Roman Reigns.

At Money in the Bank, the 24-year-old, who was extremely young by WWE star standards, lost his United States Title to Bobby Lashley. But then – according to the WWE script, obviously by McMahon pulling the strings – was briefly put into the eponymous main fight.

Theory is now targeting Roman Reigns

Theory ended up winning the spectacular ladder match against Drew McIntyre, Madcap Moss, 2.20m Omos, Riddle, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins and Sheamus – it was portrayed as a rather dirty opportunistic victory after others provided the highlights had.

In particular, crowd favorite Riddle – who shone in a strong match against Reigns a few weeks ago – stood out, including a spectacular Floating Bro from the ladder onto the competition, as well as an RKO on his rival Seth Rollins, a tribute to his injuries Partners Randy Orton.


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