Wordle #378 for 2nd July 2022: Get the clues and answer here for today’s Wordle

If you are an experienced wordle player, you already know what the game is all about! And it does not mean that you are doomed, so we are here to help you with every step!

If you are a newborn, you know that Wordle is actually a 5-character guessing game. You get 6 chances to guess the right word. If you guess the correct placement of the book, it will be green. If you guess the right but wrong letter, it will turn yellow. And if both the placement and the letter are wrong, it will be gray.

Josh Wardle, a former Reddit engineer launched the game in 2021. This was a secret activity for both them and their teammates who enjoyed word games. It soon became commonplace for him and his family. It was then that Wardle thought he might have something on hand that could handle a large audience.

Thousands of people now play Wordle worldwide. Fans even came up with different types of game like Quordle and Heardle.

Now, we come to the words of the day! Today’s July 2 Wordle # 378 is not your common name. It may be difficult for some. Here are some tips to keep you going:

A name is a noun
There are two vowels in the noun
The vowels are different. Basically, the vowel is repeated
The word symbolizes being at peace or being at peace with yourself
The name begins with the letter ‘E’
If you have not been able to guess the answer, here is a great disclosure.

The answer to Wordle # 378 is ‘EGRET’

Egret is a white heron that grows tall and beautiful planks, especially during childbirth.


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