Vitória Strada wins ‘Dance of the Famous’, kisses the bride and asks for a celebration of love

Actress took the best in the dispute against Vitão and Ana Furtado in the frame of ‘Domingão com Huck’

Vitória Strada was the great champion of the ‘Dança dos Famosos’ 2022 season . The actress won a close dispute against Vitão and Ana Furtado. Alongside professor Wagner Santos, she won over the judges and the public in the rhythm of the waltz and samba.

Excited, Vitória celebrated alongside her parents and her fiancée, actress Marcella Rica. They kissed live on the stage of ‘Domingão com Huck’ and were celebrated by the audience and the other participants in the painting.

“Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It in all its forms. We have to celebrate when love happens. Don’t criticize the way the other loves because he’s not hurting anyone. As long as everyone is loving, we don’t have to worry about,” said the actress in a chat with Huck.

Victory and Wagner’s title was decided by two tenths. The final classification was as follows: Vitória and Wagner 139.9; Vitão and Gabe 139.7; Ana and Leandro 137.6.

“I didn’t think it was so desperate”, commented the actress when celebrating the achievement.


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