Urfi Javed gave such a bold look that the eyes of the onlookers went crazy but Urfi did not look back

Urfi Javed gave such a bold look that the eyes of the onlookers went awry – Urfi Javed is often embroiled in debates about his clothes and statements. People troll him too often, due to which he has to face embarrassment many times. But still she keeps giving bold pictures one by one from her side without any hesitation. And also reads her comments without any hesitation.

People mostly know Urfi Javed only for his style which you have just seen here. People also follow him for this and according to him this incarnation of his is the need of the hour.

Urfi has recently given this statement that forcing the curtain is very wrong. On the matter of wearing veils and wearing burkhas, Urfi said that in Islam, women have been asked to veil of their own free will, and not forcibly, they should be kept inside the veil.

Urfi said that such rules are about one and a half thousand years old, there is a lot of difference between then and now, Urfi said that men need curtains not women.

TV actress Urfi, who has gained fame through Bigg Boss OTT, remains the subject of headlines every day. She remains a subject of curiosity among the audience for her strange outfits.

She remains famous because of one scene after another. Recently, he also posed by making clothes from a sack.


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