UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns after mutiny in his party

The tumultuous period of Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister came to an end on Thursday after a series of revolts in a series of moral scandals forced him to step down.

It took the resignation of nearly 60 members of his government – about half of the leaders – so that Johnson eventually gave up his efforts to hold on to power. Once again, the Prime Minister stressed that he would continue as interim leader while the Conservative Party introduced the process of electing a successor.
Some senior members of his team say that too will not continue, due to a decrease in the number of people willing to work for him.

Some have lined up to fill his vacancy. Party officials say they will announce a timetable for the leadership elections on Monday.
Speaking in front of the famous 10 Downing Street door, the same place where many of his predecessors presented their resignation addresses, Johnson announced he would step down – without saying a word.
“It is clear now that it is the Parliamentary Conservative Party’s intention to have a new party leader and then a new prime minister,” Johnson said.

“The process of electing the new leader must begin now,” he added, adding that time would be announced next week.

Indicating that he plans to stay in office for as long as possible, Johnson has announced that he has appointed a new Cabinet “that will work the way I do, until a new leader comes in.” The appointment of new cabinet ministers means the government can continue to work as it prepares to leave.

Johnson spoke of his efforts to remain a leader and how “it hurts” him to step down, but he did not mention the scandals that proved his political downfall.

“Over the past few days, I have tried to persuade my colleagues that it would be strange to change governments if we bring in so many things … even when the economic situation is very difficult at home and abroad,” Johnson said.
“I regret that I did not succeed in those conflicts, and yet, sadly, not being able to see so many ideas and projects myself,” he said, adding that he was proud of “making Brexit work” and “leading.” Western countries in opposition to Putin’s violence in Ukraine. ”

Johnson has continued to address voters directly, expressing regret over the three-year term of office.
“To you, British society: I know there will be many free people and, perhaps, very few will also be disappointed,” he said. “And I want you to know how sorry I am for quitting the best job in the world, but those breaks.”
In recent months Johnson has been embroiled in a series of scandals that have forced even his strongest supporters to leave him. The latest has been Downing Street misconduct with the resignation of Johnson and Johnson’s former Deputy Chief Whip, Chris Pincher, who is accused of molesting two men last week.

Johnson initially tried to end the problem – despite the unprecedented flight of central government ministers, the Prime Minister’s questioning and the appearance of a parliamentary executive committee. On Wednesday, he insisted he would not resign.
He finally gave up on Thursday after some of his loyal teammates told him the game was over.
UK Secretary of State Liz Truss said Johnson had made “the right decision” to resign. “We need calm and unity now and continue to rule as new leader is found,” he added.

Greg Clark, the UK’s newly appointed Secretary of State for Leveling Up, Housing and Communities, said he “has a responsibility to ensure that the country has a functioning government.”
The leader of the opposition Labor Party, Keir Starmer, said it was “good news for the country” that Johnson had decided to resign, adding that “it must have happened a long time ago.”

“He has always been unfit for office. He has been guilty of lies, scandals and industrial fraud,” Starmer tweeted.
The leader of the opposition party also spoke harshly to the Conservatives. “They have been in power for 12 years. The damage they have done is great. Twelve years of recession. Twelve years of declining social services. Twelve years of empty promises,” Starmer said.

“Enough is enough. We do not need to change Tory up front – we need the right change of government. We need a fresh start in Britain.”


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