Trending: ‘Music legend’ AR Rahman takes selfie with Salman Khan, pic goes viral

There is no doubt that AR Rahman is the greatest and most respected legend we have in the field of Indian music. Whether in India or on social media, Rahman has always made the country proud, which is why he is so respected and respected all over the world. From being the main character behind the music of a few chartbuster albums to creating his own niche with his own independent tracks, Rahman has achieved everything real. Indian music cannot be imagined without Rahman and continues to inspire everyone in the best possible way.

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In the past, there have been speculations that AR Rahman and Salman Khan are almost romantically involved. It all started when Salman joked on stage that Rahman was apparently ‘in the middle’. Although some understood it as a joke, many felt that Rahman was obviously upset. However, this latest snapshot of AR Rahman and Salman sends shocking waves across the internet and puts down all the rumors. See below –


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