The first part of this new web series of Ullu has created a ruckus, now the second part 2 is about to be released

The first part of this new web series of Ullu has created a ruckus – we are glad to find you in this article. Friends, through this article, we will talk about the upcoming web series Son-in-law Ji 2 Part 2 on Ullu. As we know, the first season of Damad Ji is about to arrive in the coming few months. The streaming of Ullu took place on 7th June 2022, where the audience gave a lot of love to this southern and people are liking it a lot.

Interested in watching the second season of this web series and wondering when the second season of this web series will be released, maybe you are equally curious,

As much as to watch the second season of son-in-law ji season 2. Don’t worry at all, we will inform you through this article about the release date of son-in-law ji season 2, so you don’t have to worry at all. I’ll provide all the information, so let’s move on.

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son-in-law season 2 story

The story starts from where it ended in the first season. Ranjana doesn’t want to go home, so she comes up with a plan in which she pretends to fall from the stairs so that she doesn’t have to.

In the second season, Kumud asks Mohan to take care of his mother. Then Mohan’s friend came to meet him, but no one opened the door, so he turned and saw both of them there.

Thus Mohan’s friend decides to take advantage of this and blackmails them to inform Kumud about it. Then Mohan told about this to Ranjana.

The next day Mohan’s friend went to Ranjana and got intimate with her. Watch the web series to know what happens next.

son-in-law season 2 release date

It is our intention to inform you about the release date of Damad ji season 2 part 2, as we know that the first part of damad ji season 2 web series was released on July 7, 2022, when the exhibition saw the most had attracted attention. , We were and were so desperate to see each other.

So let me tell you that Son-in-law Season 2 Part 2 web series will be released on 14th June 2022, from which you will be able to see this thing in its main character. This web series will be available on Ullu on 14th June 2022 with Rajshi Sharma and Ayushi Jaiswal who have won hearts with their acting and sensual style.


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