THE BOYS SEASON 3 : It’s here. Ever since The Boys’ presenter Eric Kripke announced that the series will be acquainted with one of the comedy series, Herogasm, everyone has been wondering how this classic show will deal with the superhero orgy. After all, how do you bring so much disgrace to the screen without actually producing sexually explicit images?

The boys wore skirts, probably, to the right of taste. The show version of Herogasm takes things back to the jokes, where Vought invites astonished people from all over the world to the island in a rallying cry – all while the public has told their heroes to go out and fight one enemy to save humanity. Instead, the mastermind behind the live action description of the twins, the former Payback colleagues of Soldier Boy. There are still many claims to celebrate Herogasm in their home in Vermont, but very few key players are involved.

That doesn’t mean the Boys are selfish – this is still a superhero orgy after all. Many details are honored in the background: Love Sausage, with its long, returning appendage, as it appeared last season; Deep is very familiar with the octopus; and MM is immersed in body fluids, a humorous time for all the bad news. Those who wanted Herogasm earlier and later may be disappointed, especially since the event did not take place until the middle of the episode. Bolder is still a decision for the superhero orrgy not to be a shocking moment of the hour; that tribute to A-Train, who killed the Blue Hawk by dragging him down at high speed with a horrible death.

This, I would argue, is the only way Herogasm could work on screen. The game has always suffered if you were shocked by the shock, and having a great fun would have been very disruptive to the story. Instead, it makes for a spectacular backdrop of the season’s eye-catching titles as Soldier Boy and Homelander clash.

“It’s just a cheap game,” Jenson Ackles told Homelander. “I’m improved,” he replied sadly. They are two sides of the same coin, each with a Vought gold boy in different locations. Now, we finally have a soup that can match Antony Starr’s villain, and the battle gets even better as Billy Butcher intervenes. Although the two failed to oust Homelander, someone posed a real threat to Seven leader. Statistics suggested.

Season 3 boys Frenchie and Kimiko

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The episode is not all sex and violence. Another heartbreaking incident saw Mom’s milk reveal to Starlight why she hated Sosha Boy – a soldier killed MM’s family by damaging a car in their home during a burglary. Worse, the supe hunter was shocked that his parents would not have fired if he had not woken them up to see what Sosha Boy was doing on their road. Laz Alonso’s dangerous performance is tragic as his character wonders where the burden lies – with him or Soldier Boy. Kimiko faces a similar challenge. He and Frenchie are able to escape the clutches of Little Mother by killing her in a show of horrific violence – all without the use of Kimiko’s power. He asks if he is really a “beast”, not a V that makes him one.

The theme continues in the story of Starlight and Hughie, too, as they begin to warm up over his use of the V-24. “I thought drugs had ruined you, Hughie,” he told her, “but this is you, this is the only one.” Everyone is facing a question of commitment – are they bad, or is this what Vought made them into?

‘Herogasm’ ends with a potentially promising answer. Starlight chooses to take its fate into its own hands, regardless of personal results. He becomes Vought referee – revealing that Soldier Boy is alive and Homelander was lying publicly on Instagram. Standing in front of the Herogasm massacre, he tells the world he is stopping.

There is one thing that is certain as the credits go on: this episode says The Boys Are Very High. There’s a lot of emotion everywhere, as well as an interesting mockery of the next few episodes – and all, miraculously, as powerful as the background (those are not the words I was expecting to write). It’s sad, it’s sad, and it’s so much fun. The boys continue to shine in the new, and there is no other show like their courage.


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