Single again, Maiara decides to unfollow Fernando Zor

Maiara , from the duo with Maraisa , took a drastic measure against Fernando Zor after they put an end to their love relationship.

It so happens that the singer, without any shame, unfollowed the countryman on Instagram. By the way, she wasn’t the only one who took the step.

After noticing the action of the ex-fiancée, Sorocaba ‘s musical partner also insisted on reciprocating the gesture in the same coin.

The netizens, of course, took up the matter. “ A couple more tired than a consortium salesperson in production closure ”, joked a web user.

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“ You have to be willing to live like this, see?” , criticized another. “Take off your coat, put on your coat…” , mocked another one. “

“ You don’t even have to ask for music in the fantastic, it even has a repertoire ”, said a fourth person, referring to the fact that it is not the first time that the couple separates and then gets back together.


Maiara and Fernando Zor finish their romance again

After a quick lap, Fernando Zor and Maiara ended their relationship for the tenth time, news that was confirmed over the weekend.

According to Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, the couple has been together for about three months since the last reconciliation. They even proved to be living one of the best moments of the relationship, compared to the last comings and goings.

However, the surprise came when people close to them discovered the unexpected news between Wednesday and Thursday.

The artists have not commented on the matter, but close friends of the singer say that she is doing well and reacted calmly to the end.

“She doesn’t even have time to suffer” , said a friend of the singer to the columnist, as she would be focused on the success of the duo with Maraisa. The couple had started dating three years ago, but there are countless times they broke up and got back together.


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