Simony ‘cuts’ her daughter-in-law from a photo on an amusement park ride

The singer celebrated her 46th birthday at the place with her family, but excluded her son’s girlfriend MC Ryan from the publication

Simony celebrated her 46th birthday, this Saturday (2), at an amusement park in the interior of São Paulo. In the image published by the park itself on social networks, the singer appears next to her four children and her fiance, Felipe Rodriguez.

Simony reposted the family click on her Instagram account, but followers noticed that she “cut” her daughter-in-law from the photo. The young woman is the girlfriend of 20-year-old MC Ryan, the eldest son of the famous and the result of her relationship with Afro X.

“Oxi! Cut the daughter-in-law of the photo!”, wrote an internet user in the comments. “I’m also looking for the daughter-in-law,” posted another. “I think the mother-in-law is not a sympathizer”, opined another, implying that the two would not have a good relationship.

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Photo posted by the amusement park

Photo posted by the amusement park



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