Sai Pallavi Compares Lynching In ‘Kashmir Files’ To Cow Lynching

There has been an uproar across the country on a statement by the famous actress of South Cinema, Sai Pallavi. In a recent interview, referring to Bollywood’s famous film Kashmir Files on the issue of violence and religion, the actress said – This film shows how Kashmiri Pandits were killed at that time.

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But beyond this he said that if you look at the violence by connecting it with religion, then a few days ago a Muslim man carrying a truck full of cows was also beaten up and asked to chant Jai Shri Ram. What is the difference between these two events?

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These days Sai Pallavi is busy promoting her upcoming film ‘Virat Parvam‘. In this film, she played the role of a wood who falls in love with a Naxalite. This Telugu language film is releasing in cinemas on 17th June. During its promotion, Sai has given this controversial statement while answering the questions of the media.

In an interview to a YouTube channel, Sai was asked whether she is in love with any Naxalites in the film, whether she has ever been associated with this ideology in real life. So he replied that – I am not in favor of anyone. But after this he talked about religion and violence on the pretext of Kashmir Files and said that whatever class is oppressed in the society, it should be protected without any discrimination. Left wing or right wing.

In the same interview, Sai further said – The Kashmir Files showed how Kashmiri Pandits were murdered at that time. If you are taking this issue as a religious conflict, there was a recent incident where a Muslim driver carrying cows was beaten up and forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’the other in the present?


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