Review Of Vikram: Fahadh Fasil Steals The Show

Vikram (pronounced Hindi)

Starring Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi and Fahadh Faasil

Written and Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj

Average: *** ½

Vikram begins with one of the characters plotting his death. This can be a crime to shoot yourself in the foot. But that is not the case. A growing conspiracy is entering the world of crime and drugs without international attention. Above all, Vikram is a fearless movie episode. The colors of vengeance and bloodshed look to us throughout the framework, often indicating a universe that has gone astray in its quest for fulfillment.

Review Of Vikram: Fahadh Fasil Steals The Show

Kamal Haasan plays the title role. At first he seemed to like women. But that is a deceptive idea made to take our socks off our judgment and put us in a position of inaccessible opportunities in a world that is completely beyond our comprehension. Khal Haasan has a few sequences where he chews the screen with ‘meat’ – a good pleasure. But another playwright Vijay Sethupathi plays an animated cartoonist. He is shown biting a green tablet to refresh himself. But his character remains empty. With his golden teeth and twisted movements, Sethupathi’s performance fluctuates between giggle and evil.

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So, does Vikram deserve to be watched by the top three players? In part, yes. Fahadh Faasil nailed his actor and other actors such as Chamban Vivod Jose (who plays a corrupt cop), Narain as part of an illegal law firm and Vasanthi as a special agent working as a domestic worker, fueling the violence. show.

Anyone who tells you that you are following a hurricane will be lying. However, in order to allow Kamal Haasan’s kind of experimental intelligence, Vikram participates even if the narrative is too small to be traced. It is shot with bright colors that show urgency and cunning.


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