Rakhi Sawant lifted the trophy, then something happened, Garba video went viral

Rakhi Sawant lifted the trophy then Kuch Hua Garba video started going viral: Rakhi Sawant’s secret is always seen on social media and every time Rakhi Sawant is seen in her different style and always in the forefront of making headlines. Another video of him which is going viral is here he is seen lifting the trophy.

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You all must know that some videos of Rakhi Sawant are not always seen going viral on social media Is.

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You all know that all the Bollywood actresses and actors have reached Dubai at this time and will have to show their feats there and there will be awards to the selected actors, this is the first award show of 2022, named IIFA. Award which is to be held in Dubai in 2022.

In this video, Rakhi Sawant is clearly seen lifting the IIFA Award trophy, in which Rakhi’s bold look is also being seen, where Rakhi is seen in a green dress in the water, which is very beautiful to see. and this video is not being liked very much by the people.


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