Pabllo Vittar talks about YouTube’s difference in treatment: ‘It saddens me’

This Saturday, the 2nd, Pabllo Vittar used the Stories on his profile to share an outburst. The singer recalled the episode in which her song Bandida , in partnership with Pocah, was restricted by YouTube.

The drag queen brought up the subject, comparing it to the release of Bandido , by Zé Felipe, who did not need to restrict any letter of the word for the video to be on the air on the platform and delivered to the public.

According to Pabllo, YouTube would have asked her and her team to put an asterisk in place of the last letter, making it Bandid* . She believes she suffered a kind of boycott at the time, stressing that the video platform’s guidelines should apply to everyone. However, the outburst is not directed at the country singer, but at the positioning of the platform.

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“Girls, do you remember when I released Bandida and YouTube restricted me by making me put an asterisk at the end? Zé Felipe just released a song called Bandido . A cool song. But YouTube didn’t restrict it. It says ‘Bandido ‘, with all the letters”, began Pabllo.

Pabllo Vittar revealed he was very saddened by the 'discrepancy' of YouTube's treatment.
Pabllo Vittar revealed he was very saddened by the ‘discrepancy’ of YouTube’s treatment.

Photo: Instagram/@pabllovittar/Estadão

The singer revealed that she was very saddened by the “discrepancy” of YouTube. “Why is it always like this with me? It’s just an outburst. I just saw a tweet on Twitter talking about it and, sometimes, it seems like people are picking on us, right? But this only gives us more strength to be able to do it.” our work. It saddens me a lot. Very, very much”, he continued.

On his Twitter profile, Pabllo Vittar made a pun on the phrase that gave rise to the “Free Britney” movement and tweeted: “Free Bandida “.

It is important to note that in November 2021, Pabllo Vittar and Pocah had Bandida ‘s reach reduced on the platform due to issues with the title. The track was the first of the deluxe version of 111 released by the drag queen. But it didn’t take long for fans to notice that YouTube would be restricting searches for the video.

E+ searched YouTube , but did not receive a response as of the publication of this article.


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